|CAS Reflection: CAS Project Idea 9/4/17|

CAS Reflection: CAS Project Idea 9/4/17

I love the idea of a CAS project!

We moved to a new building during the middle of my junior year and the building had four garden beds that were completely overrun with weeds and are missing dirt. For my CAS project I want to team up with Mikayla to turn one or two of the medicinal garden beds into an herbal tea bed. research shows that tea can help students study better and if we were to offer the tea to the students at school for free this would constitute the service aspect of CAS. Also the creativity and action components are covered because designing and planning an herbal tea garden is creative and actually planting and caring for a garden is physical activity. I am an avid tea drinker myself so I feel that this would connect with me on a personal level. The first steps to getting this up and running would be to prepare the garden beds with more dirt and additionally setting up some sort of watering system so that the plants could be watered while we are out of school. Otherwise, in the hot summer sun, they would surely die. After the herbs were done growing they could be dehydrated and used to make tea. One idea that we have also been throwing around was that of planting the actual tea plant. This would allow us to make an herbal green tea mix.


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