|Developing my Archery and Marksmanship|

Developing my Archery and Marksmanship

Just wanted to give a quick update! I am still developing my archery and marksmanship with lessons and trips put to the range. I really like working with my crossbow and I can get two shots on the crossbow within about 6 inches of each other at 30 yards. I would still like to get my grouping tighter but I guess it’s good that I don’t spilt the shafts of my bolts though :) Between the P290 and the Ruger .22 I definitely love the P290 much more. I think the barrel is a but short but other than that, it’s super accurate and my grouping is within 6 inches at 12 yards. I also need way more practice with the shotguns, the sights on the Mossberg 500 are really small and hard to use. Because it’s mostly bird shot, the target still gets peppered but with a deer slug I’m often off by 12 or more inches. Overall though, archery and marksmanship are both really fun and enjoyable and I really enjoy myself and am always working toward getting better. Marksmanship in general is like golf, in that you are trying to beat yourself and always get better each time.


As always, below are some pictures for you to look at!

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