|Dimmable Flashlight/Warning Device|

Dimmable Flashlight/Warning Device

This was the project that started it all. I made this before I knew about resistors and ohms law :p I made this about 5 years ago when I was about 10 years old as my first project with my soldering iron. The flashlight circuit is basically a switch and a 9v battery and a potentiometer and 3 LED’s. About a year after I had built this, after I had learned about resistance and how leds need a current limit resistor, I went back and found the led package and figured out that the 3 leds in series each had a forward voltage of 2.8v. 2.8 x 3 is 8.4v, I was just lucky 😉 The alarm circuit is a 9v battery with a switch and a piezo alarm. Here are some pictures:


photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

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