|Ebay Phone Sale!|

Ebay Phone Sale!

Hi! Just wanted to report on my phone sale success. I received these old, used business phones from a good friend who was replacing the phones in their business. They were going to be thrown out, so they were offered to me for dismantling. After opening one up and finding the parts mildly interesting but not worth taking apart 12 of them, I checked ebay. Ebay returned somewhat profitable results for past sales of similar phones. I decided to “give it a whirl” and put it up for sale expecting $150 MAX. After 7 days listed on ebay, I sold the set of 12 phones for $345.49! I was totally surprised by this outcome and the major thing I learned is to never make assumptions about something you know nothing about. I’m glad that I didn’t tear all the phones down and sell them for $3 of scrap. All in all, check around and try to sell something first before you scrap it! You never know what it could be worth.






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