|Giant Transformer Future Project|

Giant Transformer Future Project


I recently received three giant 12v transformers from marine inverters. At work, we scraped three 2.5 kW marine inverters that were too broken to cost effectively repair. The transformers in them were still good and working and so my boss let me keep them. Their primary side accepts ~120v AC 60 Hz and the secondary is around 9.8v AC. When converting RMS to peak voltage the peak voltage will always be ~1/2 pi or 1.41 after putting the 9.8v AC through a full wave bridge rectifier you get out 1.41*9.8 or 13.8 VDC that output isn’t very smooth so it is fed through a smoothing capacitor and then can be used to power a up to a 2 kW HF ham radio rig. These transformers will be saved for a future project. One day perhaps I’ll get a 2 kW ham radio to use that power supply! I could also use these transformers to charge up a large lead acid or gel cell battery bank; I could then use this bank as an emergency ham radio power supply.





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