|Minecraft Wooden Chest|

Minecraft Wooden Chest

Minecraft! Who doesn’t love Minecraft? In case you haven’t heard of Minecraft (Hereinafter to be known as MC), MC is a single & multiplayer sandbox block based game. Your object is to survive and to build, construct, mine, farm, dig, fish or do just about anything else. In MC the primary place you store your items are in chests. Other people have created MC chests before, but they are either printouts that you print and then glue together or they are cheap Chinese pieces of plastic that don’t even look like real MC chests. The first picture below is a picture of chests in the actual Minecraft game and the second picture below is one of the printout and fold together chests that I mentioned earlier.



So with the background info out of the way, and also mentioning that MC is one of my favorite games, I set out to build my own MC chest. Out of real wood! This was a fairly recent project, done w/ my table saw, but before my electric sander :/ This project was completed around February of 2015.

If you have read the rest of my posts you’ll know that I built a trebuchet before that launched HDD’s across the road. The treb was taking up too much room just sitting there, sooo… sacrifice.. sacrifice.. sacrifice. I dismantled the treb, cut out the bad parts, ripped the 2×4’s into boards that were approx. 3/4″ x 3 1/2″. I then glued the boards together into rough sheets, planed them down with a hand plane, cut them to the right dimensions and glued and brad nailed them together. I then stained the entire thing and added the silver “lock” on the front. I added some feet to the bottom so it wouldn’t scratch and then it was almost done. I added some hinges and a chain to keep the lid from falling all the way open and now I can store anything from cash to papers to schoolwork in my homemade Minecraft chest made from recycled trebuchet wood!

As always below are the pictures from my build!







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