|NewGate School Technology Consulting and Setup|

NewGate School Technology Consulting and Setup

Recently, my school, NewGate bought a larger and newer campus to try to expand all of its programs. This building used to be a cancer support center but was abandoned (bank repossession) following the bankruptcy of the occupying charity.

I was called in to make the internet work. I donated hours of time over the span of 5+ weeks investigation the system in place, organizing technology, setting up wireless access, creating servers, installing WiFi access points, advising, and troubleshooting. What I ended up creating was a network that consisted of a router/gateway, control server (running Ubuntu and Unifi software) and a set of 6 WiFi access points. One of the most difficult aspects of this project was first making sense of the already “established” network. The IT room that they had was a giant mess of ethernet cables, unnecessary hardware and locked servers that first had to be assessed and dealt with before any work even began.

One one day I even stayed on campus working on the system until 11pm.

This was helpful to my school as it saved them tons of money and I learned a ton throughout the process and had fun providing a service to my school that gives so much to me.

Below are some pictures of the process:img_2557 img_2556 img_2622 img_2621 img_2623 img_2624 img_2653 img_2654 img_2655 img_2657 img_2656 img_2652

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