|Poetry Out Loud 2015|

Poetry Out Loud 2015


Hahahah, this one is recent and is really funny. I never, and I repeat, never thought I would be good at poetry recitation. Something like that was better left to the people who like English. Now, in all honesty English isn’t my favorite subject and I prefer Math and Science exponentially more :) Anyway, a yearly tradition for English class it that we all learn two poems and participate in the national Poetry Out Loud competition. I chose “Machines” by Michael Donaghy and “In the Desert” by Stephen Crane, both poems that I enjoyed. I memorized them both very well and went into the competition with no high hopes at all. I hoped to do average. Anyway, I emerged in second place, just 2 points behind the first place winner Dylan Caruso. I got a cool Poetry Out Loud T-Shirt (that my English teacher has me wear to school on casual day) and it turned out that after a series of unfortunate events Dylan left the school and had he left a week earlier I could have taken his place at the state competition. Maybe next year? We shall see. A local magazine, Sarasota Magazine, featured our event in one of their newsletters. The full story from their side can be found here:¬†http://srqinsidethebrand.com/2015/02/04/srq-studios-hosts-poetry-out-loud-with-newgate-school/

Only one picture today and it is above. Make sure to checkout the link to SRQ Magazine’s article!


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