|Range Day! & New Gun|

Range Day! & New Gun


Today was one of the very rare instances of good weather in Florida. Usually it’s 90 degrees F with 90% humidity, or it’s raining. Today was a beautiful day so we (mom, dad and I) went out to the range. Mom got a new range gun, a Ruger SR22¬†for practice at the range. We had a great day, my groupings were good and I’m looking forward to coming back and going to the archery section. I want to practice with my crossbow again. :) There was even a really nice man who let me shoot his .556. He was shooting at the 1000 yd range and he let me take a shot. I hit the tire from 1000 yd’s away! Everyone there is super friendly and willing to help and teach you. It’s a great place to practice! I was a load of fun and I look forward to continuing this activity. I think I will do some research into youth¬†marksmanship competitions either with guns or archery competitions with my crossbow.







My grouping was within 3” for 3 shots and I was very happy!



Dad watching me reload the .22




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