|Selling Old Business Phones|

Selling Old Business Phones



EBay pulled through this time! I think what I’ve learned is the weirder the better for eBay. I got these phones donated to me by a business that had upgraded to a VoIP system. Lots of people know that if they have e-scrap they should call me. When I got these phones I didn’t see any value in them what so ever. None. I figured I’d simply take them apart and see what was in them. Since I had so many of them, and taking apart things repetitively is boring I decided to check eBay to see if things like this were being sold. I saw that there was a niche market for used business phones so I made a listing. I set the starting bid to just cover shipping costs. I figured I take market value and I really just wanted to get rid of them. Well, come the end of the listing it was all the way up to $344! I couldn’t believe it. I packed them up and sent them off. I could have hand delivered them since the place that ordered them was a business telephone sales shop and they were about 35 min away. I decided against it because it simply wouldn’t have been fast enough and the shipping savings weren’t all that huge once you figured gas into the equation. Overall, a great score!




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