|Starting Flying Lessons|

Starting Flying Lessons


For as long as I can remember, I have loved airplanes. Every time I would go on a trip somewhere, I would wake up the day of the trip and say to myself, “I can’t wait to get to the airport.” Last summer (2014) I was looking for stuff to do and I stumbled upon the Young Eagles program. Its a program by┬áthe EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) where they offer to take kids 8 – 17 up for a flight. It was right a my local airport (KSRQ) and so I decided it sounded fun. I went up for the fight and loved it! So I asked the people there what the next step was, and they told me to do some ground school and study some airplane fundamentals. I did an entire ground school course in a week and decided I wanted to pursue getting my PPL (Private Pilot License). I went back to the Young Eagles guys and there I met Greg Lewis, a really nice guy who took me flying in his Cessna 172. I sat in the pilots seat and we did some 0G maneuvers. Afterwards he said he would take me flying again and because he is a CFI (Certified Flight Instructor) all the time I spend learning with him counts towards the hours required for my PPL!

Below are some pictures of me in various airplanes:


(This is me w/ Greg, its a pic of a pic so pardon the low quality)



(Me taking a fun ride with some of the guys at the airport)

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