Hello! This was a project that a did two years ago (2012 or 13) for History Class. We were learning about early settlers of the US and we were supposed to do a project relating to the life of the early settlers. I asked my history teacher if I could build something and he agreed as long as it would pertain to the subject. So I built stocks which were used a punishment or humiliation in the town. So naturally, I put my mom in them :) Below is a picture of her in the stocks and also a picture of me holding the top portion up. This was a fun project especially because I didn’t have very many tools at the time so it was a hand saw, a drill and a screwdriver for me. If I were to repeat this I would use a jigsaw to cut circular holes and sand everything smoothly. Either way, being able to lock anyone up was pretty fun!

As usual, below are the pictures:


photo 1

(Me holding the stocks up.)

photo 2

(Locked my mom up ;))

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