|The Start of Archery|

The Start of Archery


Just making all of the posts needed to update my site and get everything current.

About a year ago, I got interested in wilderness survival and preparations for food shortages.┬áThat sort of stuff. All of that led me to hunting and┬ásince I really didn’t want to hunt animals (skinning dead animals doesn’t sound very pleasant) I thought I’d take up a shooting sport. I decided on archery. Compound bows have their drawbacks and require holding your hand in the drawn position for long periods of time. Events led to events which led me to getting a crossbow for christmas :) Then came the dilemma of where to use it. In my neighborhood shooting crossbows across the street would be heavily frowned upon, so I looked for a local archery range in the area. This turned out to be harder than I had expected. I eventually stumbled upon Manatee Gun and Archery Club, a sort of local (30 min away) place where I could practice w/ my xbow. Before I went to the range, I got some xbow lessons from a professional. That was the first time I had shot an xbow, and I learned that I am actually a pretty good shot. I learned lots and I love practicing at the range.

Oh… archery eventually led to another activity. Shooting. The guys at the range and my mom turned me on to shooting. Anyways thats a story for another post.

Below are some pictures of me shooting my xbow and other stuff :) (Adding them soon)


Screen Shot 2014-12-28 at 11.20.06 PM

My X-Bow instructor: Glen Klawitter


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