|The Start of Marksmanship|

The Start of Marksmanship


In the previous post I mentioned how I got into archery. Archery eventually led me to shooting. Its actually a very long story, but Ill condense it.

Basically I thought it would be fun to take a gun class, so that I would know how to use a gun safely and not be totally clueless :) (I don’t like being clueless) At the end of the class you get to practice with a .22 at about 14ft. From my archery practice (I think that where it was from) I was a good shot and the guy teaching the class suggested I go to the local range and practice some more. I thought it sounded like a cool idea and the guys at the range were really helpful. They gave me tips and pointers on my stance, grip, trigger pull etc. On of the guys was practicing with his sniper rifle over at the rifle section and he let me try it. Down range at about 600 yards there was a tire to aim at. With only my eyes I couldn’t even see the tire. With the scope of the gun it was much easier and on my first try I nailed the tire.

Thats how that started and now I go practice with a 9mm at the range about twice a month.


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