|Trying to Sell LORAN Circuitboards|



Trying to Sell LORAN Circuitboards


Just a quick post- I got these LORAN boardsĀ at work from Steve. He gave me about 30 of them. They are brand new and still in ESD pink bubble wrap. He said that he tried selling them to no avail. He gave me to do with them as I please. I tried listing them on eBay and got 0 interest. I think only 3 people even looked at the listing. Steve told be how LORAN used to be a GPS alternative until they (US Gov’t) abandoned the project. Seems like after that no one wants anything to do with LORAN. The US Government is trying to implement a new ELORAN program but so far its just a bill, sitting there on capitol hill :)

Even if no one wants to buy them, they still have useable parts. Each one contains 2 EPROM chips with the quartz window and everything. I am thinking I could – maybe in the future store Bitcoin private keys in them. Although maybe thats not a great idea due to the volatility of EPROM. There is also a really nice 20Mhz oscillator on the board. Maybe I could use those for something one day.










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